2862: USC acquires Javelin class destroyer as part of increased defence spending to help stop rampant pirate activity in near by sectors. Dubbed, USCS Dragon's Tail

2865-2870: Served in Operation Free Skies. 32 confirmed ship kills, 89 disablements, 532 pilots recovered.

2890 - 2915: Served as the flag ship for USCDF 72nd Battle Group in USC-Xi'an joint Operation: Safe Seas. 2 confirmed capital-class ship kills, 70 confirmed ship kills, 15 capital-class ship disablements, 124 confirmed ship disablements, 1232 pilots recovered.

2915: Decommissioned as a military destroyer

2916-2930: Retrofitted and used as civilian cargo hauler

2930-2935: Re-commissioned and refitted as a destroyer-class ship, served in the USCDF 4th Homefront Defence Battle Group.

2935: Decommissioned and sold as a stripped out ship to the UEE. Dubbed the UEES Dragon's Breath

2939: Takes part in the Battle of Reach (Aldnoah IV). Suffers severe damage to main engines and reactor. Retreats out of the system for repairs.

2940: Deployed to the Cathcart System to suppress high-rate of crime. Months later it is overtaken by pirates - majority of the crew are killed with people from engineering, the bridge and a few pilots are taken captive.

2940: Ship is hauled to the Bremen System, Bremen I and refurbished; painted all sorts of "pretty" pirate colours. Ship is unofficially documented as the Blackheart.

2942: The pirates try a daring raid in the Stanton System against Stanton III, attempting to raid a section of the industrial area for parts to sell, as well as to maintain their newly acquired capital ship. They are intercepted by the UEE and lose control of the Blackheart within hours. The ship is hauled back to a space dock in the Terra System.

2943: The Blackheart minimally cleaned, repaired and put on the ship market.

2944: The ship is sold to Fenrir-Nanase Trade and Investments, a small firm based in the Terra System.

2946: After disappearing off records for two years, the ship has allegedly resurfaced again, dubbed the USCS Rising Dragon