• 2204 – Fenrir Industries founded

  • 2283 – Massive profits start for Fenrir, resulting in rapid expansion and establishing it as a power company in the galaxy.

  • 2603 – Fenrir Industries publicly denounces the Second Tevarin War

  • 2638 – Fenrir publicly supports Senator Kieren’s call for Terra Independence from UEE. Government backlash

  • 2715 – Fenrir Industries adopts the company slogan: Equality, Prosperity, Freedom

  • 2789 - Fenrir Industries applauded Senator Akari for negotiating a peace treaty with Xi’An Empire, and joins others calling for Terra Independence. Rumours of seizing control of planets from the UEE spread.

  • 2792 – Fenrir Industries reforms into the United Space Confederation, joining the uprising against the UEE after the Massacre of Garron II

  • 2792 – USC succeeds in taking control of three planets from the UEE in the [Redacted] system. No UEE reinforcements arrive because of uprising in the Sol system.

  • 2793 - UEE and USC relations are strenuous but not hostile under UEE Imperator Erin Toi and the promise of UEE social consciousness.

  • 2901 – Over a century of peace is causing the USC to be forgotten by many groups that were once sympathetic and supportive of their cause. Discounts and cheap material deals are in decline.

  • 2919 – UEE expands trade sanctions on the USC, enforced by inspections and blockades in nearby systems.

  • 2929 – USC High Command cutbacks and sacrifices are made to support the civilian economic structure. Military forces shrink from a lack of funding and discounted parts/ships.

  • 2935 – USC sells 50% of the Capital ships in the Defense Force naval fleet to help stimulate economy and lower military operating costs.

  • 2939 – September: USCEC and ONI reports indicate UEE military transfers and naval buildup in solar systems two and three jumps away.

  • 2939 – 28 November: UEE launches simultaneous attack on all three USC planets. Limited Defense Force fleets are not able to stop the UEE assault. Great sacrifices made by USCDF pilots ensured the majority of USC civilians were able to evacuate and escape unharmed. Large percent of USCDF fleet destroyed.

  • 2939 – 15 December: USC seeks refuge in the Terra system. The government on Prime, remembering hundreds of years of support for Terra, offers sanctuary. USC ships are granted diplomatic status, near-completed buildings in a new section of Prime City are earmarked for USC leases, and financial assistance in the form of low-interests loans are offered if needed.

  • 2940 – The USC, operating primarily from Prime City, Prime, Terra System, and the few remaining capital ships, begins to rebuild and re-establish itself in the galaxy. The USC Recovery Act is signed, authorizing increased spending for all Branches. New USC crest is commissioned.

  • 2944 – Today.

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